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Friday, June 24, 2005

SportsByBrooks.com Takes Bite Out of Big Apple
Last night I had a really, really tough job. I played photographer at L.A.-based SportsByBrooks.com's first-ever East Coast event at the Overlook Lounge in New York, taking pictures of some of the prettiest girls I never had to tip. (There's a piece of my work right there.)

The SbB road show is on its way to Boston for Saturday's event and then to Washington D.C. on June 28, so check those out if you're in town.

I'm sure it'll take Brooks a good amount of time to edit and upload the shots taken by me and his regular event photog, Jason, so I guess just keep checking his events page and his NYC photos page for the rest. There's a couple with me and SbB hotties Denise, Cora and Annie buried in the media card, and I'll post those if I get my hands on them.

The event itself was a four-round trivia tournament, and my buddy BassAleMan failed in his attempt to become the first-ever coast-to-coast champion by letting too many Hoegaardens limit his reaction time and thus not buzz in in time on the deciding question: Who did Isiah Thomas replace as the Knicks' general manager? (Scott Layden, of course.)

I've known Brooks since 2002 when I interviewed him for my site and included SbB as one of 10 Essential sports Sites in an article I wrote for TIME magazine. It's been fun to watch that site rise dramatically in popularity over the years, and I'm proud to have a seat on the bus as a writer.

So congrats to Brooks on a milestone achievement. Thanks to the gals for letting me play NYC tour guide at haul-ass speed. Thanks to Jason for being a cool lead photographer, as well as my friends Mark and Chaundra for hosting us at Overlook Lounge.

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