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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Golf Sites Show Me Their Tips
Golf and I don't have the friendliest of relationships. For more than a decade, I've been tearing apart some of the worst public courses New York has to offer — chugging beers, eating scary-looking hot dogs and peeing on trees along the way.

But thanks to a substantial 2004 IRS refund — as a result of something I like to call "accounting magic" — I ordered a new set of Callaway Big Bertha irons that arrived Tuesday.

Following the advice of friends who've either heard about my play or have seen me endanger drivers on adjacent roadways, I looked into getting some lessons. The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers offers private lessons with its head pro for $175 per hour. That, obviously, is not going to work, as I'm not paying $175 for an hour of anything, let alone a guy showing me how to grip my shaft.

Thankfully, there are a wealth of websites offering tons of free golf tips. All that's left is to try to remember all 80,000 pieces of advice to master a game that bores the crap out of me after 9 holes. Considering I've had the patience to take maybe three practice putts ever, I have no shot.

Tom's Golf Tips
Sample: Curing a Slice: "To get proper swing feel, pretend that an elastic cord connects your right elbow to your right hip and your left elbow to your left hip."

FOX 61's Golf Tips
Sample: Complicated Putts: "Imagine that the green is covered with silvery dew. Your putt would leave a distinct track on its way to the cup. Just imagine that track to help you determine the route of your putt, and burn that track into your mind and even onto the green."

PGA Professional Golf Tips
Sample: Putting Tips: "Make sure your weight is in the middle of your feet. If your weight is either forward on your toes or back on your heels there is an excellent chance that your stroke will follow the direction your weight is tilted rather than the target line."

AskMen.com's Golf Secrets
Sample: Watch This Hook: "To increase your ability to turn back and through the ball, flare your feet between 15 and 30 degrees at address, depending on your flexibility. The less flexible you are, the more a flared back foot will allow you to turn behind the ball and then approach the target line from the inside on the downswing."

WorldGolf.com's One Minute Golf Tips
Sample: Pause at the Top: "A directly beneficial improvement is to simply say "AND" when you feel the comfortable top of your personal swing. Make sure you get to the top in all full swings."

The Detroit News' Golf Tips Archive
Sample: Lighten Grip to Cure Slice: "The tighter your grip, in either hand, the harder it is to get your clubface square at impact. Excessive grip pressure causes the clubface to be open at impact, resulting in a slice or a push."

PGATour.com's Pro Tips Reliability Zone
Sample: Conquering the Long Chip Shot: "The biggest problem with this shot is, obviously, amateurs having their hands behind the ball, and the tendency being is, the clubhead's going to come through on the way up and make contact with the ball first."

Golf Tips From Ken Venturi Golf Academy
Sample: A Sound Grip: "If we were to rank gripping the club from 1 to 10, 1 being very soft and 10 being a strangle hold on the club, 3-4 would be the optimum level of pressure. Many people hold the club too tightly not allowing their arms wrists and hands to swing freely."

Sample: Keep Your Swing the Same: "Today's top players change their ball position only about 3 inches from driver to wedge to putter. This allows the swing to be nearly exactly the same with all clubs."

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Comments: Golf Sites Show Me Their Tips

I just bought some of the very same clubs too!! When you go from 20 year old clubs to these...it is quite a difference. Especially since mine are fitted. I had to change my swing a bit. I usually had to put some weight behind my old clubs, but now what I have to do with these is let the club do the work otherwise it wont go straight.


Posted by Jayhaux at May 25, 2005 10:03 AM

okay - so if you are down the shore this summer, we should get a foursome (golf. sick bastard) together and play my family's old course at Spring Meadow...

also IF down the shore, i know it's a pain in the keester to take lessons elsewhere, but Twinbrook Golf School is pretty damn good and they have a decent 9 hole exec course as well as a really nice driving range.

Posted by gigglechick at May 25, 2005 11:40 AM

Wow, not only did you get some sweet clubs, but now you have a shot at an orgy down the shore.

You should try and get on Hominy Hill or Howell Park down the shore. TOugh to get on, but excellent courses for a decent price

Posted by Fletch at May 25, 2005 11:51 AM

Sweet clubs. I do recommend getting a King Cobra titanium offset driver, though. With that club, once you perfect your swing then you will be smacking the shit out of the ball.

My best golf recommendation (I am a golfer) is to always play with people better then yourself. It makes it competetive and you can learn alot from them.

I can see it already, you will be the Al Czervik of the Jersey Shore courses :)

Posted by Cass at May 25, 2005 1:42 PM

Nice links in there...thanks. Generally I find it tough to read golf tip articles and then put them into practice. Like you said, not many of us have the patience to actually goto the driving range/putting green and put the time into perfecting our swing.

Nonetheless, I like reading the articles so that after my seventh attempt at getting out of a greenside bunker, I can employ the eight different tip for hitting out of the sand that I would have read.

I hope your 'Nude Sites Show Me Their Tits' article will be equally informative

Posted by monte at May 25, 2005 7:38 PM

Hey Paul, you're timing couldn't be better. I haven't played in about 5 years and yesterday got invited to a work golf outing which will probaby become a regular thing.
I spent the day yesterday searching the web for some golf sites. Obviously they are not as easy to come by as t 'n a websites, lol.
I was also looking into the Chelsea Piers thing. A bit pricey though.
Out of curiousity what did you pay for your new irons? and where did you get them? I need to do a serious upgrade.

Posted by hotrod72ny at May 26, 2005 8:48 AM

Just as an addendum to my last post. I was looking into Chelsea Piers and I see they have a "Learn To Play" package for $545. It includes:
-Golf 101
-Beginners Clinic
-Clinic II
-One-Hour Private Playing Lesson

Posted by hotrod72ny at May 26, 2005 10:01 AM

I paid $519 total for the clubs from Need2golf.com, which uses a Yahoo! shopping engine. It was free shipping and no tax, and I found that price to be better than even anything on eBay, once shipping is factored in.

Here's a frustrated IM I wrote about my eBay bidding experiences: "Holy crap. there's this set of golf clubs I want. They basically go for $510 on eBay, plus $20 shipping. Elsewhere online they can be had for $520 + free ship, so no big deal. Anyway, I'm the leader of this auction for $405 for several hours today. I figure it's too good to be true, maybe someone will raise in the last hour. With 1 minute 42 seconds left, I'm still high with $405. Friggin' thing goes for $510 in the final 100 seconds. eBay's a joke at this point for anything that generates more than 5 bids."

Posted by Paul Katcher at May 26, 2005 11:36 AM

Cool, thanks for the info. I have a basic starter set that I bought years ago at Hermans Sporting Goods(now out of business). Just looking to rebuild my set.

Posted by hotrod72ny at May 26, 2005 11:53 AM
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